The Most Dedicated Closer Of All Time

One of the top closers in the game, Minnesota's Joe Nathan, is a very busy man.

Just how busy, you ask? Well, Monday night, after saving a baseball game, Joe stayed up with his son Cole, who had a 104 degree temperature. The next night, after saving another game, his wife Lisa was scheduled to deliver their second child - a girl they plan to name Riley.

"If the game's close and Riley's not out yet, then it's going to be pretty crazy," Joe says. "Hopefully my wife is understanding if I have to leave for a couple hours and finish a ballgame."
That's right. Joe plans to leave the hospital if the Twins are in a save situation. For the sake of his marriage, may the Twins score at least 3 more runs than the Orioles by the ninth inning tonight.

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Megs said...

He didn't end up pitching obviously, but we did spot Joe getting congratulated, and congratulating his fellow teammates at the end of the game. SEASON OPENING SWEEP!!!!

davy jones' locker said...

Pretty sure I'd flip out if my husband left to go play baseball after I gave birth to his child.