I'd Knit Tom Glavine a Sweater if Only I Cared

Tom Glavine is old. The prophecy of the Mets Season Preview Haiku says so.

On a serious note, Glavine (1-1, 2.38 ERA) is not too thrilled about pitching in the cold weather this week. He says it's because it affects his feel on the ball, not because he's decrepit, it's freakin' cold outside, and they don't allow afghans on the mound.

However, the veteran who is only 9 wins away from 300 career victories says he's not at all concerned about circulatory problems that popped up last season during cold weather spells.

Glavine is set to pitch when the Mets take on the Phillies on Thursday night, where the temperature is expected to be in the high-30s to low-40s by game-time. Better wear your long johns, ya old fart!

[Yahoo! Sports]


SteveJeltzFan said...

Glavine's just a pup compared to the opposing pitcher tonight: 45 year-old Jamie Moyer. 86 combined years between the two - and neither will hit 86 on the radar tonight.

Sooze said...

Maybe they should call off the game and play shuffleboard instead... or whatever it is that old folks play. Bridge?

Satchmo said...


Sooze said...

Pssh. Definitely Euchre.