Let Us Warm Up Those Hands, Man Muscles

Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer was 6'4" last season. Then he showed up to Spring Training an inch taller. As of this weekend, Joe is 6'6 and possibly still stretching. Turning 24 on April 19th, the lefty wishes he would stop growing.
"I don't want to get too big, or I might have to move positions," said the reigning American League batting champion. "Hopefully I'll grow the other way... I'd like to get a little stronger, but I don't know about taller."
Mauer claims the recent growth spurt was not responsible for the stress reaction in his left fibula this spring and he doesn't believe it's affecting his coordination at all. This year's 7-for-19 start begs to differ.

Is he growing too tall to be a backstop? The Twins have a strong backup in Mike Redmond, who hit .341 in 47 games last season and made up all sorts of quirky sayings like "Smell 'Em" to fire up the club on their road to the postseason. The Twins are in desperate need of a quality designated hitter, as well. Mauer was hitting .630 at DH by July last season - have they had what they've needed all along?

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Mack said...

Redmond is awesome, but I think he's too old to be an everyday player. He could certainly platoon with Chris Heintz...