Uribe's Missed Hearing No Big Deal

A Dominican court postponed Friday's hearing for Chicago White Sox shortstop Juan Uribe to give prosecutors more time to investigate a farmer's allegations he shot him and another Italian man last October.

The 27-year-old defendant is at spring training in Arizona and did not appear at the court in San Cristobal province.

White Sox fan Judge Regina Carvajal denied a prosecutors' request to find Uribe in contempt for skipping the hearing and also declined to make him hand over a $15,400 deposit which guaranteed his presence in court since prosecutors are the ones who requested the postponement - which lasts until July.

Looks like Uribe will have nothing to worry about until mid-season.

[ESPN] | [Lowdown on Uribe]


Lizzy said...

The cuffs make me hot.

Sooze said...

I knew they would.

Jake the Snake said...

The handcuffs are a nice touch, ladies.