Less than a week before Opening Day, Kerry Wood is hurt.

This time it's actually pitching-related rather than hot-soak related, if that makes Cubbies fans feel any better. He strained his right shoulder while pitching in relief on Sunday and felt more stiffness than usual on Monday. The former ace turned reliever will not be ready for the Chicago Cubs' first game.

Wood appeared in only four games last season and was trying to make a comeback from a partially torn rotator cuff after choosing rehab over surgery.

The 1998 NL Rookie of the Year, who struck out 20 Houston Astros in one of the most impressive starts of all time, has been on the disabled list 10 times in his big league career. Make that eleven.



Megs said...

Kerry Wood is hurting?

Chalk that up to super weird.

ian said...

And we are surprised he is hurt??

Him and Prior need to retire.

Sooze said...

I know, Megs. I was shocked.

And they probably should retire... but they won't. They'll both pitch until their arms fall off in mid-release.

deborah said...

I, for one, am utterly shocked. I completely expected him to go on the DL last week.