Season Preview: The San Francisco Giants

We've decided since there are only 10 days remaining until the start of the regular season, we will finish our season previews in haiku form. Short, sweet and completely half-assed. Here we go, with the San Francisco Giants.

Mark Sweeney is big
But Barry Bonds is bigger
Feliz at third base
Zito gets a giant raise
Benitez closes
Benjie Molina catches
They'll look to improve
While finishing third last year
Steroids are not cool

[Depth Chart]


jake the snake said...

You can't go back and haiku the American league?

Sooze said...

umm. no.

Joe said...

Improve? Oh, Sooze I just can't see it your way. Even though I hate the Giants and am celebrating thier demise, they just won't play .500 ball this year. I'd be surprised at third place.