Prior Demoted To AAA

AshamedMark Prior was sent to AAA Iowa Wednesday where the Chicago Cubs can only hope that he will work on his form that once made him one of the most promising young pitchers in the league... four years ago.

Prior, whose career has been tainted by a laundry list of injuries including his Achilles, elbow and shoulder, has started the last three seasons on the disabled list and was limited to nine starts by shoulder problems a year ago when his record was just 1-6.

He had four appearances and three starts this spring, pitching just 10.1 innings.

The club's decision to go with Wade Miller as the fifth starter was announced Tuesday, leaving no room in the rotation for Prior.

The 26-year-old righty was the second player chosen in the 2001 draft after a successful final college season at Southern California, breaking out with the Cubs in 2002. He has a 42-29 record, including his 18-6 season in 2003 when he helped hurl Chicago into the playoffs.

GM Jim Hendry said that a member of the Cubs' staff would be present at every one of Prior's starts in the minors.

[FOX Sports]


Jason McAdams said...

Prediction - Mark Prior and Kerry Wood will not be pitching for the Cubs in 2008.

deborah said...

thank god we picked mauer instead of prior.
then again, had prior been pitching for us, i doubt he would have been as injury-riddled.

Debra said...

When can the Cubs cut these two loose?? All that potential and nothing worthwhile from it. Sigh.

Love your blog!!

Joe said...

Has Dusty Baker ever brought up a young pitcher and not ruined him?

Sooze said...

There's something fishy in the water over there, I think.

Thanks Debra!