Carl Pavano Misses Spring Start to Save Girlfriend

New York Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano claims he missed his scheduled spring training start last Friday, not because of his own injury, but to tend to a "severe medical situation" involving his girlfriend. Pavano didn't give the specifics, but says his ladyfriend is doing well.

Chivalry, it seems, is not dead after all.

The right-hander left Legends Field about 45 minutes before Friday's game after Joe Torre told him to. He came back on Saturday to throw a 45-pitch bullpen session in preparation for his Monday night start against the Boston Red Sox.

Pavano has made only one spring start since bruising his left instep on a line drive during batting practice. Twinkletoes hasn't actually pitched in the majors since June of 2005, due to rib, shoulder, back, elbow and butt injuries.

[Hartford Courant]


Jake the Snake said...

Is he worried about his woman or his ERA in that photo?