I Know I've Been Bad...

I've been a rotten babe over the last few weeks, but excessive amounts of time spent at my job have started to wear on my sanity. So I've decided that a week of sun, sand, and excessive alcohol consumption is exactly what my body needs right now. I'm headed down with the young whippersnappers on spring break all of next week, and I'll be back on Saturday. Soozy, because she fuckin' rocks, will continue to bring you all of the baseball news you can handle, and deliver it with wit, flair, and a really sweet ass.

So, assuming I make it back without getting arrested for public drunkeness/nudity, I'll see you all next weekend.


Sooze said...

Don't get arrested like Gustavo Chacin. But if you do, make sure you're wearing some sweet shades.

Joe said...

Lizzy, drunk and nude at Spring Break? Pray tell, do we get pictures or are you going to let us all down?