How To Win At Fantasy Baseball

Find out the top secret steps to beating all your friends' asses in fantasy baseball this season.

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Suss & The Family Stone said...

How do you get someone that drunk in an online draft?

Learn the skilled art of hypnosis and have them type "/shotguns a fifth of Mad Dog" before every round?

Sooze said...

Hmm... good point Suss. I guess you just have to use good, old-fashioned trust and assume everyone is getting hammered while you're not.

Dank said...

Thanks for the tip Sooze, but I've already perfected the art of drinking my leaguemates into oblivion on draft day.

Jason McAdams said...

Good Read Sooze. Let's go ahead and set some drinking ground rules for our draft, shall we?

I plan on having a few cold ones close by.