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Just when you think the recent steroid probe can't get any worse, you hear the news of former major league pitcher Darren Holmes joining the list of athletes linked to the nationwide investigation.

It's been reported by Sports Illustrated that Holmes received somatropin, a form of HGH, and testosterone from Palm Beach Rejuvenation in October of 2003. Holmes, a journeyman who spent 13 years in the majors, played for eight different clubs and last pitched in 2003 with a career record of 35-33.

Holmes admitted that he ordered and received the HGH, but never used it, "I'm being as honest as a cheater I can." He claims that he ordered the HGH as an alternative to his shoulder pain. When the box came in the mail, his wife asked him if he was sure he really wanted to take them, which apparently changed his mind.

The growing list of athletes linked to the scandal include current players Gary Matthews Jr., Jerry Hairston Jr. and David Bell, former major leaguers and , heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield, Pittsburgh Steelers doctor Richard Rydze, 1996 Olympic wrestling gold medalist and professional badass Kurt Angle along with the veiny sweaty bodybuilder, .

On Thursday, 54-year-old Daniel McGlone, the owner of a New Jersey pharmaceutical company, was arraigned on drug-related and money-laundering charges in a separate Rhode Island federal steroids investigation. He pleaded not guilty, of course, on the charges of 80 counts of health care fraud, conspiracy and illegal drug distribution along with 51 counts of money laundering.

When customers called asking for steroids, he allegedly paid two doctors - Ana Maria Santi and Victor Mariani - to write medically unnecessary prescriptions for the substances.

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Anonymous said...

Holmes has come the closest to actually admitting that he took performance-enhancing drugs. I doubt anyone ever will come right out and say it, besides Jose. He'll do anything for attention, negative or otherwise.