Blah Blah Steroids

It seems someone has snitched on Gary Matthews Jr., as his name was allegedly on the list of a steroid distribution network's customers.

The Angels' center fielder spoke with reporters shortly before taking the field at the club's spring training camp, saying he would not answer specific questions regarding the allegation.

"I haven't read the story myself, and I don't have all the information. So until I get more information, this is going to be my position. I do expect it to resolve itself here in the near future. Until we can get more information, I just can't comment on it," he said.

The District Attorney for Albany County, P. David Soares, who led the investigation into Applied Pharmacy Services, said that a few athletes' names were on the client list, but he would not identify any of them.

The Times Union of Albany, on the other hand, reported that the names of Jose Canseco and former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield were allegedly included on customer lists in addition to Matthews'. The two owners have been indicted by an Albany County grand jury.

Angels owner Arte Moreno said the club was seeking more information about the report, and that he, GM Bill Stoneman and manager Mike Scioscia met with Matthews on the subject, telling him that they were willing to give the slugger some time, but wanted him to be honest with them.

Matthews hit .313 last season with the Texas Rangers, hitting 19 home runs and driving in 79 runs.



Bassmaster said...

Jose Canseco?! Really? I don't believe it.

But seriously, Gary Matthews Jr. These steroid probes never cease to amaze me.