Avoiding the Hall of Fame: for Dummies

Seriously, more than one story a year on Pete Rose is plenty. So I think we're good until at least 2010. Unless he admits to killing a hooker, or something.

Rose, quite possibly the biggest dumbass in the history of the Cincinnati Reds organization... maybe in all of baseball, has admitted that he bet on the Reds "every night" during his tenure as manager and that the Dowd Report was correct in saying so, contrary to what he has claimed all these years.

Rose visited with Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann on ESPN Radio, initially to talk about his new exhibit at the Great American Ballpark which opens to the public on Saturday, but the conversation quickly turned to his dark past.

Now, get this. Rose tried to justify his intolerable gambling habit by saying that the reason he bet on his team every single game was because he believed in them so much.

What else could he possibly come clean about? It seems that every few years, he revises his half-truths to the public. After accepting a lifetime ban from the game in 1989, then denying betting on baseball for nearly 15 years, he acknowledged in his 2004 autobiography: My Prison Without Bars that he placed bets while he managed the Reds.

Rose said he doesn't worry about getting into the Hall of Fame anymore, but if he is reinstated, he hopes to manage again in the majors. Yeah right, pal!

The washed-up Hit King also stated for the record that he thinks Mark McGwire is getting a raw deal from the writers voting for the Hall of Fame, since nothing has been proven to incriminate him in any steroids investigation.

Rose is not sorry that he bet on baseball. He is sorry that he was caught betting on baseball. Okay, no more Pete Rose for a while. Promise.