Bernie Williams No-Show at Yankees Camp

As Yankees position players took physicals on Monday, Bernie Williams was nowhere to be found.

Catcher Jorge Posada and closer Mariano Rivera have called Williams several times but haven't been able to reach him.

The 38-year-old outfielder has been in the Yankees' organization since signing with them on his 17th birthday in 1985, coming up to the big league club in 1991. With the emergence of Melky Cabrera as the fourth outfielder, the move of Jason Giambi to designated hitter and the assumed platoon at first base, there's just no room for Bernie on the roster.

Joe Torre said Sunday that Williams' feelings were hurt since the Yankees didn't offer him a guaranteed spot on their roster at this time.

Williams would not accept the non-roster invite, which Brian Cashman says he didn't offer out of disrespect, "It's just the only way I can provide for all parties to get satisfied in where we are this time and place," says the Yankees GM.

In other very important team news, the Yankees have installed a new clock next to Mike Mussina's locker, since his stall is located in the corner of the clubhouse and he couldn't see the other clocks near the doors. Oh, to be a pampered star...



Anonymous said...

Bernie is being slightly immature about this whole non-guaranteed invitation thing. Who's to say he won't make the roster? What if someone were to be injured or not produce as expected? He's old reliable and is obviously a welcome backup.