Crosby To Hit On Field

Oakland Athletics shortstop Bobby Crosby has a feeling that he will be hitting on the field as soon as Monday after another pain-free soft toss session on Friday.

After being sidelined in August for what eventually was diagnosed as a fractured vertebra in his lower back, the righty took the first step to a healthy return on Tuesday, hitting off a tee at Papago Park. The real test will come when he stands in against live pitching, which should happen early next week.

One theory surrounding Crosby's injury is that he swings much too hard. Bobby says he's willing to hold back a bit, but he's not sure if a life of swinging every bat like it was his last will be a hard habit to kick.

In 96 games last season, Crosby hit .229 with 9 home runs and 40 RBIs.

Source: Oakland Athletics