Blah Blah Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds entered Giants camp today sans entourage, who are not welcome due to the untrustworthiness of his trainers.

He also called out the federal government to "come get him" for perjury and tax evasion.

Bonds then slipped back into the tunnel toward the clubhouse, only to emerge with his new buddy, San Francisco's newly acquired ace, Barry Zito.

Newly clothed, the Barrys turned around – making sure to strike a pose for the cameras – and showed their new shirts, which said: "DON'T ASK ME... ASK BARRY" with an arrow pointing towards each other. Clever.

Source: San Francisco Giants


Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Barry makes for an ugly a** woman. Oh, by the way, I gave you all some love on my blog for your Barry and A-Rod pieces...

Sooze said...

That kicks ass. And yeah, Barry makes one hell of a terrifying drag queen.

Rich said...

The bad part about Barry in a dress is that he's fuckable compared to the queens that my sister sent me a picture of while she's currently in San Francisco this week. All in all, still scary.

And I gave you ladies some props on your article about Jim Leyland laying the smack down on Dmitri the Drunk.

Also, Ron and I have a few T-shirt ideas from the A-Rod Jeter pics. We'll show them to you soon...