Barry Bonds, Giants at Odds on Contract Language

In my experience, not that I have any, one should always read through all parts of a contract and agree with its contents 100%. Same goes for MLB players and their agents.

Barry Bonds' $15.8 million, one-year agreement with the San Francisco Giants contains a provision giving the club the right to void the deal if he is indicted, but Bonds' agent, Jeff Borris, says the language is unenforceable under baseball's collective bargaining agreement.

The specific provision is only meant to protect the Giants in the event that Bonds is charged with perjury in the ongoing steroid investigation.

The deal was done Monday night, but wasn't approved by the commissioner's office since it contained a personal-appearance provision. Does he expect the club to pay for his bi-weekly manicures, or something? Borris said late Tuesday the team was redrafting the agreement and sending him a revised version for Bonds to review and sign.

If all else fails, the Giants can just change Bonds' deal to a nonguaranteed contract, which means he could be released before opening day for 30 or 45 days' termination pay, depending on the timing.

Update: Apparently, Borris and Bonds are not happy with the revised contract, either. Says Borris, "At this time, Barry is not signing the new documents."



Rich said...

I'm wondering if it's the whole you can't roid up part, or the you're gonna lose your cash if you get convicted. I think either one seems fair for his situation, really.

Sooze said...

Life has been so unfair to Barry Bonds. He has been betrayed time and time again by trainers, teammates, so-called friends... and now his own organization.