Arbitration Eligible

Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer were among the 100+ players to file for salary arbitration on Friday, setting themselves up for big, fat pay raises.

The Twins got more than a bargain for those two last season as Morneau made $385,000 as the AL MVP and Mauer made $400,000 as the AL batting champion.

How big of an increase their salaries will receive is yet to be determined. To give you an idea of what those two could (and should) make, here is a list of a few players' post-award season salaries. Inflation is inevitable.

Source: Baseball Almanac


Megan said...

As long as we can keep them!! lol

Sooze said...

I hope so! Seeing as Mauer is a Minnesota boy, I don't see him going anywhere. How could they possibly let either one of those two go? There's just no way. I hope.